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How much influence has your sexsual preference in your life?


Do you have the feeling not being in controle of your life? Please contact me without any obligation. I guarantee it will be worth it.


As Life coach I often work with coachees who want to have more knowledge and understanding about certain life questions. Life questions are often repeating difficult to answer questions about certain themes of life. For example:


- confidence

- accepting yourself

- self-esteem

- 30 dilemma

- communication

- development of emotional states 

- sexsuallity

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  • Because of my own life experiences I understand the gay scene more than a straight coach. Because of this I am able to guide you specifically. 


  • Being attracted to the same gender you develop different norms and values than the 'straight world' or 'society'. As a life coach I have experiences with these non general norms and values. 


  • A 'different' seksuallity soe not have to be a dominant factor in your life or controlling other aspects of life. But it is common to experience problems to successfully integrate this in your life.


  • Together we will work on your choice of freedom, excepting yourself, your self-esteem, (destructive) patterns, managing your energy, balancing ratio and emotion, and more life themes. 

Take your faith in your own hands and do not let it be restricted by external influences. Please contact me without any obligation. I guarantee it will be worth it. 


My goal is to give you practical guidelines in a short trajectory of coach sessions. With this you can change something substantial in your daily life. 

How I work

Take your faith in your own hands and do not let it be restricted by external influences. Please contact me without any obligation. I guarantee it will be worth it. 

Who is...?


My name is Derek Brouwer, Life coach, training actor and singer. I would like to invite you for a free acquaintance conversation in Amsterdam or Utrecht. 


My background is both academic as creative; ratio and emotion. The knowledge I carry is partly academic University schooled, partly derived from lectures, workshops, seminars, books, fellow colleagues and experiences. At the University of Leiden (The Netherlands) I finished a Psychology study with a health Master degree called Occupational Health Psychology. In this Master I scientifically studied emotional work labour and burnout. Besides studying Psychology I finished a three year musical study in singing, dancing and acting. My vision of coaching is a holistic one, in which I think it is important that there is balance between physical, mental and soul. Other specialities are the influence of good nutrition and having a balanced energy level. 


In my opinion I think that without a coach you can't get the maximum out of life. Why do people ask to be mentored in almost everything in life except in life itself? Almost without any exception high end sportsman use coaches to guide them. Life is about getting lessons learned and growth. A good coach can help you to get in contact with yourself and achieve goals that are really important to you. I want to give you guidelines to change or adapt essential things in life. This can be done in a way you have immediately profit in daily life situations and circumstances.  

Call 06 12353194, e-mail to or use the contact form below:

Uw bericht is succesvol verzonden.


In my coaching I am using clear methods for the foundation of my conversations with coachees. For me it is not about what is fashionable now in the literature but I think it is more important that a method helps you with your process of consciousness. I only use those methods, or tools of methods, of which I know that they have proven to be of value. Besides methods I use my hart and hands. 




Transactional Analyse


Rose of Leary


The wheel of life


Voice Dialogue


Nonviolent Communication



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